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Q&A with maternity fashion designed Liz Lange

By Francoise Shirley


Maternity fashion pioneer Liz Lange has sure been one busy mama lately. She celebrated the 10th anniversary of her line at Target and she recently launched her new clothing line Completely Me™ on HSN. Not to mention all the work she does for her shopping site Shopafrolic.

The stylish mom of two opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop ( ) about her new clothing line, how women can stay true to their own fashion style while expecting, and the most fashionable celebrity moms-to-be. She also shares her perspective on Kim Kardashian's much talked-about maternity fashion choices.

Q: Your new clothing line Completely Me™ recently launched on HSN. Please give us the scoop. What will we love about it?

A: My new NON-maternity line for HSN is a chic system of flattering designs with built in fit-tricks that will help you always look your best. I am very excited about the line and it's been selling extremely well.

Q: What are some ways women can stay true to their own fashion style while expecting?

A: It's important to strike a balance between neutral, versatile pieces (such as a great black maternity dress or dark denim with a stretchy waistband), and fun items with more color, patterns and special details that punch up an outfit and give it your personal touch. My collection for Target has both the everyday essentials and the on-trend extras, all with a fitted silhouette, stretchy fabrics and side-ruching to allow the clothing to grow with your bump. Finally, rely on accessories and jackets or cardigans from your existing wardrobe (which can be worn open over your bump) to spruce up your look even more.

Q: Who do you think are the most fashionable celebrity moms-to-be currently and why?

A: I happen to think Kate Middleton's pregnancy style is the epitome of elegance. She is consistently chic and polished, and has effortlessly translated her tailored, ladylike style to her maternity wardrobe. I also admire how she mixes high and low and recycles pieces for different events.

Q: There's lots of buzz about Kim Kardashian's maternity fashion choices. What's your perspective?

A: Kim's maternity style is super sexy. She doesn't shy away from serious embellishments like ruffles, sequins and feathers _ and she's not afraid to show skin. I love that her style is starting a dialogue about maternity fashion. It's something I encourage expectant moms to have fun with.

Q: What are some ways moms-to-be can stay fit and healthy throughout their pregnancy?

A: I always say choose an exercise that is right for you. If you're already active and enjoy activities like running or cycling, it's OK to stick with them as long as they're not too rigorous (and as long as your doctor approves).

Q: You have two precious kids, Gus and Alice, what are they up to? What do they do to make you smile?

A: My son, Gus, is 14 and my daughter, Alice, is 12. They are definitely growing up too fast. Alice feels like a "mini-me," as she is my best shopping companion and we love getting mani/pedis together. My son is all boy and he's very into skateboarding and video games. I think our favorite times are hanging out on my bed watching some of our favorite TV shows, like "The Voice." My children make me smile and laugh constantly, particularly when they make fun of me because they can do a spot-on imitation.

Q: You have had a successful career while rearing small children, what tips would you give new Moms for balancing family and career? Can women have it all?

A: I had both my children within the first 3 years of launching Liz Lange Maternity and, boy, was I busy. I don't really know what "having it all" means. I worked a lot, but loved every second of it and have always felt extremely lucky to have such a gratifying work life and two kids I adore, too. Hopefully my children agree!

Q: Mother's Day is around the corner. What's your favorite way to spend it? What does Mother's Day mean to you?

A: I am fortunate that since I grew up in Manhattan and still live here, most of my family does, too. I typically spend Mother's Day with my children, my sister and her children, and my mother. We usually go out for brunch or dinner. I enjoy any reason to spend time with family, but I must admit "Mother's Day" as a holiday doesn't mean all that much to me.

Q: What are your summer plans? How do the kids keep busy?

A: Summer is my favorite time of the year. I love the light, the warmth and the relaxed longer days. We will be in East Hampton (N.Y.) where both my children have a lot of friends. We are planning an early summer trip to Israel and I am also planning an adults trip to Capri with my good friends, Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan. Can't wait for all of it!

Q: What's up next for you?

A: I love that one never knows what's next! Right now, I am very busy and happy with my children, my collection for Target (last year, 2012, was the 10-year anniversary of our partnership!), and my new non-maternity line for HSN and Shopping Channel Canada, as well as the shopping site I do with my sister, Shopafrolic.

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