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Mess takes a back seat to mothering

By Kris Hey

Orlando Sentinel


My house is almost always messy.

I don't know if it ever will be clean on a regular basis, but I hope someday it will.

When I was younger and living alone in an apartment I was fairly neat. My towels were hung up, clothes were put away, my bed was made (well, maybe I am imagining that it was), and I knew where to find everything.

But all that changed when I became a busy working mom living with two messy males, who bring out my inner slob.

But I have come to accept that I can't do it all, and I am done trying and stressing over it.

I now prioritize, do what must be done each day and leave the rest until I can get to it. My husband also helps, but he works, too.

Laundry can wait. Dishes in the sink can wait. Filing mail and bills can wait. Picking up every Lego, towel or kid shirt on the floor can wait. But taking care of my son, helping him with his homework, caring for our animals (with my son's help), getting everyone fed, making sure my son bathes, brushes his teeth and has clothes for school can't wait.

And, I will tell you right now, I am not staying up until midnight to get everything done.

If I have any time for myself I am not spending it cleaning. I would rather watch TV, read, surf the Web (even though I work on it all day) or listen to music. I also don't like cleaning house, and if I hit the Powerball I will set up maid service immediately.

We always clean before people come over, but if someone does a drop-by I usually hide behind my closed front door. If people must come in, I immediately begin with the excuses. It's not like I am a hoarder or anything, but stuff is pretty much always lying around our house, mostly on our dining room table or couches.

But I can live with that.


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