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Snow tubing at Hawksnest

Looking for some good family fun this winter season? Put Seven Devils, North Carolina into your GPS and head to Hawksnest for a day of snow tubing. It is a must-do fun day for the whole family. The drive from Charlotte is a bit over two hours, but the high-action fun is worth the drive.


Choose from one of the several 1 hour and 45 minutes sessions offered each day.

I recommend reserving a session prior to departure. It would be a big bummer for your family, if you make the drive only to find out a session or the day is sold out. You can easily avoid this by purchasing tickets at least 1 day in advance on their website. The online reservation is simple and quick.

Be mindful of the weather, though. Hawksnest will reimburse you if they close for bad weather, but will not reimburse you if bad weather prevents you from getting there.

The Runs

There are four different runs, varying in distances.

Two of the runs at the top have human conveyor belts. You can hop on a conveyor belt with your snow tube to take you back to the top.

The lower two runs do not have an electric sidewalk, so you have to walk up a good-sized hill to get back to the top. It’s a workout and your body temperature will certainly rise. You can walk halfway and then jump on the conveyor belt to take you the rest of the way.

The runs are well groomed and have high snow side rails for safety.

At the bottom of each run, there is plenty of space to stop. Staff members are stationed at all runs. Even though you are required to sign a liability waiver when you check in, we felt secure and never had any concerns for our safety.

Fast Runs

Many feel the need for speed is what makes a good run. The more weight put on a snow tube the faster it will go. Doubling up on a snow tube, a parent and child or two kids, the tubes will go faster. Just have one of the riders pull along the other tube down the run. A running jump by a rider or a good push from an adult proves to be beneficial for faster acceleration down the hill.

Dress Warmly

It’s cold up in the mountains, so bundle up. Layers work best. Once you heat up, peel one layer off at a time. Mountain weather can change quickly at times, so tuck hats, gloves, and scarfs into pockets for easily accessibility. Sunglasses would be great to have on bright sunny days to reduce the amount of high reflection from the snow.

Our Take

Looking around the crowds, everyone appeared to be in good spirits and having a great time. I overheard two young siblings who got tired after an hour and wanted to sit with their grandmother. My ten and eight-year old daughters didn’t want to stop, but I believe just one session was enough for us.

One of my daughter’s said, it was awesome and the other asked, when can we go again?

For my family, it was a fun day to remember for the good times. I haven’t met a child or adult who doesn’t like the thrill of sliding down a snow hill, so go ahead and book your trip to Hawksnest.

There is plenty of time to make the trip, since Hawksnest will be opened through end of March.

For more information, check out their website at