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PSA, Part 2

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The alarm clock went off awfully early Tuesday morning; although I longed to burrow beneath the warm covers for a few hours more, I forced myself up and shuffled into the bathroom to get dressed. 


I had work to do. 


There was a classroom of students expecting me, several counties away…


It’s just another surprising aspect of this journey I’m on…I truly never know where I may be called to go.  In the last seven days I’ve been to Greensboro, NC, Columbia, SC and Columbus, NC as well as all over Charlotte.  It’s getting harder to arrange and keep up with the schedule, but I’m convinced someone in each audience needs to hear the message I’m sharing…


I firmly believe we are each given unique talents and opportunities to serve the Lord; there is a corresponding season in our lives for us to do so.  My season to do this is now, as evidenced by the doors He keeps opening…


The PSA I made in January (underwritten by the AAA Carolinas Traffic Safety Foundation) was recently released and is currently being shown on television stations across South Carolina.


You can see it here:


You may ask, “Why do something that won’t have airtime in North Carolina?” 


My reasoning is pretty simple.  Distracted driving is as much of a problem there as it is here.  South Carolina (at the state level) is lagging behind North Carolina as it pertains to addressing this issue, although I understand that a bill is currently under consideration.  Brian’s accident happened a few miles north of the state line.  I am a native South Carolinian and most of my family members still live there.  My nephew is just a few years away from being eligible to drive.  Pick any one or all of them and it’s reason enough for me.


At the heart of the matter, if talking about our tragedy can prevent another from occurring, then the geography is completely irrelevant to me.


Earlier this week I received a message on Facebook from an old beau who lives in South Carolina; he saw the commercial and more importantly, so did his children. He wanted to say thank-you.


Each time I share Brian’s Story my goal is to persuade one person to put their phone away while driving.


Kind of strange how a long ago boyfriend turned out to be the one, after watching this PSA…  In a way, it’s also kind of cool…my life, coming full circle…


“Behold the turtle.  He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.”-James Bryant Conant



Wishing you blessings and hope…tg


Tammy will update her blog weekly…