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Create vacation photo books

After just a couple of family vacations, you likely have a fabulous collection of photographs. Putting them together in a photo book is a wonderful way to highlight those fun times and memorialize the time spent together in a locale far from home.

Choosing the best photos and organizing them can seem like a daunting task, but with these helpful tips you will be able to create a beautiful memory book that your family can relive at a moment’s notice.

Edit Your Photos

Weeding out your photographs especially the ones with your children might be your hardest task. Take a good, long look at each one and keep only the ones that are stellar.

If you don’t, you might end up with a 50-page book. I like to have more images than I think I need and I do a final edit when I am placing images into the book.


There are many different styles available. Take your time, peruse all the options, and experiment with several before settling on one. Some styles can overwhelm your photos losing them in the design.

Remember this book is about showcasing your photos, not a designer’s signature style.

Tell A Story

Often photo books are shared with family and friends. It’s a good way to show the sights and the experiences your family had away from home.

Event-based photo books will likely be in chronological order. Image order is important and a natural progression of events gives a nice flow to your story.

You could change it up and have a two-page spread of the meals eaten or the fauna and flora seen at your vacation destination.

Arrange Photographs Yourself

Skip the auto-fill.

Letting the program decide where each photograph goes might not place them in the right order. You will likely find yourself re-doing the order anyway, adding more time to this project.

Your best bet is to choose the placement of each photo yourself.

Vary Your Layouts

Using the same layout on each page is likely to bore your reader.

Experiment with different numbers of images on each page. Don’t crowd in a lot of photos on a single page. Consider a single image on a page, allowing that photo to command attention. Changing it up from page to page will add variety to your book.


In each style, there are a variety of colored backgrounds to select. You may need to change the color, so photographs don’t blend in or clash. The ultimate goal is to make your photographs pop off the page.

To Include Text or Not

Captions can be very effective, but are not necessary.

Include one if you think a narrative could add something that a photograph does not. Down the road, you might forget that hidden beach your family loved or the restaurant that serves the best margarita you have ever tasted.

You could just include text when deemed necessary or include a table of contents or an index.

Cover Shot

Choose an engaging image that invites a viewer in and makes them want to see what’s inside. This selection is supremely important.

Decide which one-photograph sums up your trip best and make it the headliner on the cover.

Online Publishers

Blurb, Mixbook, Shutterfly, and Snapfish are just a few online publishers to use.

It’s worth having a look around, trying a few out and deciding which one works best for you. Once you produce a few photo books, you will find it a rewarding project.

Vacation photo books are fun way for your family to relive a vacation over and over again.

To get the best photos possible read, Capture amazing vacation photos before you head off to vacation!