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Book seeks to share tale of infertility

Written by Fran Meadows

The facts & figures of infertility

This disease affects one in eight couples in the United States of reproductive age.

Approximately ten percent of women in the United States ages 25-44 have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant.

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive or retain a pregnancy during a one-year period or if you are over 35 years old a six month period. You should consider seeing a reproductive endocrinologist to determine your fertility if you have been trying to conceive and fit in this timeframe.

Infertility is a diagnosis by a professional health care provider. There are many different diagnosis of infertility, one-third of cases are male factors, other diagnosis pertain to the women's reproductive system, and about 10 percent of cases are both partners which are known as "unexplained infertility".

Some cases of infertility that is becoming more common is secondary infertility, where the couple had no issues conceiving their first child and now go on to find out that they are having problems conceiving another child.

All cases are individualized to each couple, results, treatments and outcomes are not the same.Speak to your Doctor if you have any concerns or questions.

As an Infertility Advocate, Meadows spends a lot of time exploring the ways in which our society remains silent about the secrets of infertility. Through self-education and awareness, she hopes to share her voice to make a difference to break the stigma surrounding the disease of infertility. Meadows stays connected to both patients and professionals and frequently connects, shares and collaborates to build successful relationships in the community with social media. She continues to raise awareness and support the community with online events and live educational events.

Her book, The Truth Behind The Secret "Infertility," is a memoir that touches on the honesty of struggling to conceive, filled with raw, deep emotions with a taste of witty humor. Readers will relate to the feelings of another woman opening up about things that many dare to share. This book will make you feel less alone and like you are having a conversation with the author as you read along. Written to give others hope through their journey you will feel the silence and stigma of infertility lift as you read along with showing the real inner strength of a couple shine through many painful experiences.

It was written from the heart, as Meadows invites readers to join in her journey, cry, laugh, relate and know that you're not alone. Her best advice? Don’t be embarrassed about infertility, keep your head high and face it bravely! It is an inspirational journey offering hope, and strength to those going through this struggle now.

For more information on Fran Meadows and her book The Truth Behind The Secret “Infertility” visit her web site on Twitter @Franmeadows, and on Facebook.