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Preparing for baby: 7 items your nursery needs

Written by JT Ripton

Welcoming your new bundle of joy to your home is a special time. A well-prepared nursery should reflect this exciting time. As a busy parent, you want to spend less time worrying about decorating your baby’s nursery and more time with your little one. A nurturing nursery comforts your baby and keeps everything within your reach.

Make sure to stock your nursery with these seven items to best prepare for your baby.

An Electric Fan

Electric fans will keep your nursery cool and circulate fresh air throughout the room, but they also offer another feature. White noise from an electric fan can help your baby sleep. The white noise can block out other potential noises from the house that would otherwise wake a napping baby. The climate control and white noise make an electric fan an essential item for your nursery.

Storage Baskets

Organization is key to keeping your baby’s things close within reach. As a busy parent, you may not always have two hands free to dig through drawers or take lids off storage bins. Open-topped storage baskets allow you to corral items but keep things easily accessible. Color-coded baskets can help you to quickly find the essentials such as burp cloths, diapers, or pacifiers. This genius addition to your nursery keeps you organized.

A Diaper Pail

Babies produce a lot of dirty diapers. No sense in wasting your time running back and forth to the garbage can to dispose of these diapers. A diaper pail keeps stinky diapers under control with an odor absorbing liner and lid. Special twistable bags allow you to throw away lots of diapers before you need to empty the pail, and you’ll waste fewer garbage bags when you fill each bag completely. A diaper pail is another necessary item for keeping your nursery sanitary.

A Glider

New moms and dads spend plenty of time rocking their baby to sleep. Make sure you spend those moments in comfort. A glider brings the comforts of a nursery to new heights with function and style. Choose a glider with a removable cover that you can throw in the washing machine for easy cleaning. With different widths and sizes, you're sure to find a glider that fits into your nursery stylishly. A padded glider offers you a great place to relax with your baby while you're feeding or rocking it to sleep.

A Crib

A crib is an essential piece of nursery furniture because it's where you put your little one to sleep. All cribs sold in the U.S. must adhere to the same set of standards, so a more expensive crib doesn't mean it's better. Many portable cribs are a great long-term solution for a sleeping arrangement, even when you aren't traveling. Other cribs convert into small beds to transition your toddler into a “big kid” bed. Choose a crib that matches the decor of your nursery and offers the most room for expansion as your needs change.

A Changing Table

The changing table is a necessity because you need a safe and comfortable place to change diapers for your baby. Pick a changing table with a soft, washable pad on which you will do your diaper changes. Many changing tables offer storage options for keeping necessities such as diapers, powder and wipes within reach. If space limits you, use the top of the dresser as your changing area. Just use your space wisely so that you have plenty of room to safely change your baby.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are a great way to keep an eye or ear on your baby from anywhere within the house. Monitors range in price and functionality from basic listening to small video screens to capture your baby’s every move. Once you find a monitor that suits your needs, you can easily check up on your baby when you need. This makes a great addition to any nursery.

Selecting several items for your nursery can offer both you and your new baby with a comfortable and functional living space. Once you pick a design theme for the nursery, work these seven items in to help prepare for your little one’s arrival.

What are some other nursery items that you can't live without?

JT is a freelance writer and a parent of 2 amazing kids and loves to write to inform and intrigue those who are also trying to raise their kids correctly in this ever more connected world, you can follow JT on twitter @JTRipton