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Shucking corn at the hair salon

As a columnist, I often get asked if it’s hard to come up with something to write about every week. And the answer is YES. But today, I’m sitting in a lounge area at the hairdresser’s, waiting for my color to process, and the lady next to me wants to know more.

I tell her typically something will happen that triggers an idea for the family humor column. But it’s harder to find something to write for my monthly style humor article. And then she asks what style humor is.

Well, nobody knows. It wasn’t on the syllabus in journalism school. So I have to wing it. I tell her I just take style things and then try to find the funny in them.

“Huh,” she mutters reaching into her large purse, pulling out a plastic bag. “I wonder what you could write about ”

She digs around in what looks to be a Harris Teeter bag. And then pulls out a green bean. And snaps off each end. Then pulls another green bean from the bag, and precisely pops off its points. She’s snapping beans.

“Yeeess,” I say ever so slowly. “If only something funny would happen – right here – in the hair salon ”

My head is spinning. I don’t know which is more fortuitous – the fact that my next column idea has landed in my lap, or that food prep at the hairdresser’s is an option, as evidenced in hers.

It’s brilliant. There’s no bigger time suck than waiting for hair dye to process. Why not start dinner? Forget reading celebrity gossip, I could be shucking corn.

Remember sittin’ ’round the table, peeling those potatoes? Well let’s do it with a bunch of nice ladies at the hair salon. And when was the last time I actually peeled a potato? We don’t have that kind of time these days. Those nice meals my mom used to make that required peeling, slicing and dicing, have given way to picking up a meat and two sides at the deli.

But maybe we do have time. At the hairdresser’s, we’ve got two hours. Not only can we peel our potatoes, but we can mash them too. Slice some nice tomatoes – maybe some onion and cucumber. Cut up lemons for the sweet tea. And some apples for the cobbler.

And then – with both the food prep and my hair done, I can serve a nice dinner and look good doing it. And isn’t that every woman’s goal?

I thank the lady for the column idea. And tell her my family thanks her too, as they’ll be getting a home-cooked meal once a month.

“Hey, when’s your next appointment?” I ask. “I’ll meet you here. We can roast a pig in the lobby.”

I’m telling ya – some ideas come easier than others.