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A day in Savannah

Beautiful Savannah, Georgia is the oldest city in the state, giving it a rich history, immense culture, and tons of charm. Spanish moss covered trees surround antebellum architecture creating an enchanting atmosphere where friendly residents graciously welcome visitors to their city. Once you visit, you will understand why it is called The Hostess City of the South. Come on down to experience Georgia’s first city‘s history, beauty, and hospitable people.

A City Tour

Ride on a trolley, walk on foot, or cruise down the river, there are many ways to explore and learn about the city’s history and culture. Tours are geared toward different interests showcasing architecture, history, film, and hauntings along centuries-old streets. Embark on a sightseeing tour for a fascinating time suited to your interests and desires.

Forsyth Park

Nestled in the Historic District, Forsyth Park is a popular green space loved by the city’s residents and visitors. Reminiscent of fountains in the Place de la Concorde in Paris, a three-tiered fountain is the centerpiece of this famous green space. Meander along the paths under the cool shade from Spanish moss draped trees. If getting in some activity is what you’re looking for, there are plenty of wide-open spaces to run or throw a Frisbee as well as play sets for kids to burn off some energy and a café for a drink and snack. Forsyth Park is surrounded by historic homes, so walk the perimeter to take in some beautiful houses, restaurants, and inns.

River Street

For a fascinating walk along the Savannah River, try River Street. Renovated 19th century cotton warehouses and passageways now have become shops, restaurants, inns, and hotels. Watch ships from around the world or catch a sightseeing or dinner cruise from the port.

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

If you have a Girl Scout in tow, then a visit to the birthplace of the Girl Scout Founder is a must. In her Victorian homestead, girls can learn about the life of Juliette Gordon Low who was a prominent woman of her time and creator of the Girl Scouts organization. Take a 30-minute guided tour that starts approximately every 15 minutes.

The Pirates House

Eat where pirates have roamed. This restaurant not only serves fabulous food, but it has quite a long seafaring history. Originally, an inn for seafarers, this place became a gathering place for pirates and sailors the world over. One of the dining rooms, The Herb House is the oldest house in Georgia. When making a reservation, you can request The Herb House and perhaps dine in a 1753 dwelling.

It’s a kid-friendly restaurant with costumed pirates who walk around the tables greeting children in a very pirate like fashion – with a big argh. After your family has finished their meal, you can ask a pirate to take everyone on a tour of The Pirate House. A bounty of jolly good fun, delicious food, and pirate legends can be experienced here.

A Ghost Tour

Need the great ending to your perfect day in Savannah? How about a ghost tour? Savannah is known for being one of the most haunted cities in America, so you’ll find no shortage of spooky stories being told as dusk falls over the city. Decide on your method of travel from a horse-drawn carriage, a trolley, and even a hearse. It’s just up to your family, if they have enough courage to hear about dark stories of Savannah’s past.

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