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Back to school organization tips

Written by Fiona Grayson

Needless to say, summer is a great season for people of all ages. Relaxing vacations by the seaside, lots of fun, and pleasant memorieskids can spend their summer playing in the backyard, camping, and biking – all without being worried about homework and exams. Isn't it too bad that the summer lasts only a short few months?

But at the end of the summer parents have to take some things into consideration to ensure the best start to the school year. Here are some useful tips for transitioning kids from summer to school without causing too much stress:

Talk to your children. Make sure that they understand the importance of being conscientious about their school tasks. Of course, most kids prefer to play over homework, but it’s important that children realize that the school should be a top priority.

Go to a shopping spree with your kids. The fall clothes you bought them last year probably don't fit them anymore. Now they consider the last year's backpacks to be old – fashioned and the bunch of pens, pencils, rulers are placed.... who knows where. Buy all the materials your student will need during the school year.

Don't underestimate the benefits of tidying up. They have probably placed all the old books and notebooks into the desk drawers. Ask them to clean everything up and make space for the new items. They could even take their old papers to be recycled or donated.

Make sure your kids get enough sleep. Perhaps there were no restrictions about the bedtime during the summer, but as school nears, it's time to change the approach. In order to be productive and energetic during the day, children need approximately 10 hours sleep.

Feed them well. Take the quality of food into consideration when preparing their lunch bags. Opt for plenty of fruits and healthy sandwiches. Avoid sweets and fizzy drinks.

Depending on their age, ask them to do a thorough cleaning procedure at their room. Dusting the desks, vacuuming, watering the plants, making their beds and clearing the floor of any toys.

If your kids are going to attend a new school, they might feel nervous so do your best to find out who their classmates will be, attend the new school, and try to talk to their teacher ahead of time.

Setting a routine helps children be more organized. A few days before the start of the school year, set an alarm clock, help your kids get up and prepare as if it is a regular school day. This will make the switch from summer to school far easier.

The evening before the big day, ask your children organize all the notebooks they will need the next day, and prepare their clothes or uniforms. If you think it would be more convenient, you can even write down a to – do list and make sure everything will go in according to your plan.

This article is a guest post by Fiona Grayson from Shiny carpets Neasden