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Kids kindness contest

Former TopCat Kim Downey has a passion for being kind. And she wants to share that passion with others, especially children.

Through her non-profit, The Infinite Smile Project, Downey is giving parents and children the inspiration they need to share kindness wherever they go. This multi-faceted program is designed to bring happiness, joy and a more fulfilling life through acts of kindness and a philanthropic spirit. It is their belief that with the consistent presence of kindness and charity in both children and adults we can create a more cohesive community and change our world for the better.

From their 'Random Act of Kindness Wands', pictured above with the TopCats, to inspirational ideas for sharing your own kindness, The Infinite Smile Project is a great resource for getting ideas while teaching your children the joy of spreading happiness.

This month the Infinite Smile Project is holding a kids kindness contest, designed to create the last character of their book, Dylan & Delany's World of Kindness. Anyone under 18 is welcome to enter, and the winner will be voted on by the public and will receive $1000 towards their college fund or to a charity of their choice. Also, the charity that their "character" champions will also be featured permanently on their site.

The contest is not about the artistry but rather the thought process and how the children create the pup's new friend and what amazing kind character traits he or she possesses.

To enter the contest, visit their website or Facebook.