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Thanks for giving us the weekend to prep Christmas

So … it’s the holiday season. You wanna enjoy it this year? I mean REALLY enjoy it. Because there’s a way to do it. I actually did it years ago. But you have to prepare Thanksgiving weekend. Now here’s what you do …

Black Friday is your shopping day. Your ONLY shopping day. You hit it early, fast and furious. You get all the kid toys, the family gifts, the stocking stuffers, the neighbor’s cookies, the teacher gift cards, 10 gallons of eggnog – and whatever you spike it with.

Then – Saturday is your wrapping day. Your ONLY wrapping day. You box it, you wrap it, you tie it all up in a bow. You stuff the stockings, pack the parcels, bag the booty and sign it all “Santa.”

And finally – Sunday is your decorating day. Your ONLY decorating day. Get the tree, string the lights, deck the halls, and put all the gifts under the tree. Hang the wreath, light the log and pour the nog. And toast to Monday – December 1st – the first day of the rest of your holiday of peace, joy and sanity.

Because you’re done! No crowds, no trips to the mall and no Christmas music following you everywhere you go. Just a month to enjoy the beauty and excitement of Christmas.

You can see a show. You can see five shows. You can see five shows, the Singing Christmas Tree, and still have time to see all 25 of ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas.”

You can leisurely roam the neighborhood delivering gifts. Or Christmas carol. You can carol while delivering gifts. And visit with each family while they apologize for not having their tree up yet.

You can go to every office party, holiday luncheon, cookie baking and ornament exchange. You can go uptown and ice skate. You can fly to New York to Rockefeller Center and ice skate. And hit every Christmas parade, tree lighting, Nativity scene and festival of lights.

Or just stay home. And bake. Play games with your kids. Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and completely agree that it is. Or just kick it with your Elf on the Shelf until it’s time for him to hide.

But the best part? Asking your friends that question they hate …

“Are you ready for Christmas?”

“Are you kidding?” they spit. “I haven’t started shopping! We don’t have our tree, we missed the Christmas Pageant, and somebody’s bought up all the eggnog! How ’bout you?”

“All done,” I giggle, breaking off a piece of candy cane from my purse. “Wanna catch ‘The Nutcracker?’ There’s a matinee at 2.”

So give it a try. It completely ruins Thanksgiving, but it#x2019;s totally worth it when you’re sitting in front of the fire in your footie pajamas watching “The Grinch” for the 11th time. Admiring your tree. Feeling the peace and the joy.

And the eggnog …