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Business resolution roundup

This week’s “Ask the Mompreneur” features a roundup of business resolutions from a variety of entrepreneurs.  While every business is different, the themes below reveal the universal and perennial nature of many familiar issues, such as pricing, work/life balance, staying up to date, and the never-ending need to network and develop sales.


Take a peek into the minds of your fellow business owners.  How do your own resolutions stack up?


Phoenixfire Solutions – John Fuller


Company: Phoenixfire Solutions is a creative services firm which handles projects using an ecosystem approach, allowing us to recommend and implement solutions that go far beyond that of your standard graphic design firm. We work with you from inception of concept through final artwork to ensure your design speaks to your audience in a clear & captivating way.


Resolution: One of our main goals for 2015 is to fully implement our new value-based pricing structure. This new structure shifts the client conversation from project pricing based on what a client thinks they need, to exploration of the best solution based on their larger goals, which may include things they had never thought to consider.


Well Family Oils – Elisabeth Watts


Company: I have my own business educating and mentoring people on the therapeutic and medicinal use of essential oils.  Basically I empower "Dr. Mom's" all over Charlotte (and in other states and countries) to take control of their family's health and be proactive in their wellness.


Resolution: My business is highly personal, so it is very fulfilling, but it can also be draining as I try to balance it with my family life as a married mom of 3 (and pregnant with number 4)!  My mantra for 2015 is "Protect the Asset. I am the Asset."  In order to run a business, be a mom and wife, and run a household, I am challenging myself to take the time to protect my life's greatest asset, which is me!  Whether this means saying no to that meeting so I can go to yoga; or opting for personal development books and shows instead of mindless entertainment - this is my year to empower myself to be the best wife, mom, entrepreneur, and mentor that I can be!


Gardner Brand Services – Carly Gardner


Company: We are a new branding company and we are growing quickly.


Resolutions:  In 2015, we are resolved to:


1. Treat each business as we treat our own.

2. Follow through on every stones unturned!

3. Build a strong network and develop strong relationships.

4. Become an expert at Google (AdWords, Analytics, etc.)

5. Attract and retain the best talent to join our team.


Creative Tinkers - Noelle De Atley


Company: I teach technology. I have been maximizing computer users for over 30 years and love helping people. I specialize in Apple products and love working with Windows.


Resolution: My resolution this year is to update my Creative Tinkers website.  I have not touched it or linked it to my social media activity in far too long.  I also resolve to manage my time better with helping clients and keeping up with new technologies.


Jennie Wong, Ph.D. is the CEO of, an ecommerce conversion tool for online retailers.  Dr. Wong is also a certified executive coach and nationally syndicated columnist.