Deal Diva

Storage bags are for more than storage

From organizing Legos to holding a snack, there are endless ways to use storage bags. Here are a few that might surprise you:

▪ Place your electronic device in a plastic bag to protect it from liquids in the kitchen.

▪ Knead dough in large resealable bag to prevent sticky hands.

▪ Pour/scoop used cooking oils in bag, then seal, toss.

▪ Keep puzzle pieces together. Add a picture of the puzzle.

▪ Enjoy pancakes while camping by filling a resealable bag with dry baking mix. When you’re ready to cook, add water, shake and get ready to flip.

▪ Combine 1 part rubbing alcohol and 2 parts water and freeze for a DIY ice bag.

Quick dinner ideas

▪ For meatloaf, mix meat and seasonings and then freeze. Once defrosted, just place in the pan.

▪ Before freezing chicken, add the marinade. Defrost and it’s ready for the grill.

To reuse bags, wash with soapy water, rinse and shut one corner of the bag in a cabinet to air dry. Never reuse bags that have held raw meat.

When buying resealable bags consider need and price per bag. Freezer bags are thicker and more expensive and are best for frozen items or when a more durable bag is needed. Use cheaper storage bags for everything else. Look at the price per bag. Bulk boxes may not always be cheaper.