Deal Diva

Enjoy the rest of summer with these deals

By Tara McAlister


It’s time to take advantage of midsummer deals:

▪ Look for deep discounts on patio sets, grills/accessories and anything to do with outdoor living. Sale floor models can be especially good buys.

▪ On sale now: swimsuits, shorts and summer dresses. Consider buying for next summer; get a size bigger for the kids.

▪ New furniture styles head to sales floors in August, so shop now for great deals on higher-end furniture.

▪ July is National Grill Month, so grocery stores will offer great deals on condiments, paper products, pest control, bottled water, soda and charcoal.

▪ Abundant summer produce includes corn, berries, melons and tomatoes.

▪ Much to the dismay of your children, back-to-school sales are beginning to pop up. To get the best deals, try to wait until the last week of July or mid-August to stock up.