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Coupon lingo you need to know

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Coupon Lingo – what does it all mean? Clipping coupons is a great way to extend your savings at the grocery store, but it can be intimidating if you don’t know the lingo. Her’s a quick guide to help you save big.

Blinkie: Look for those flashing red boxes on the shelves especially around cereal and crackers. Take one or two even if the product is not on sale that day. It will be and you can use it then!

B1G1F or BOGO: It can be written a variety of ways but means you pay for one you get the other for free. Most stores do not require consumers to buy 2, and will typically ring up one item at ½ off.

B2G1 Buy two get one free

DND Do not double. Look at the fine print – if it says Do Not Double on the coupon even if your grocery store doubles or even triples coupons, typically it will not double.

However coupons that UPC code that starts with the number 5 will often times still double, while ones that start with a 9 will not.

Hangtag: A coupon or form found hanging from a tag around the neck of a bottle or jar.

Inserts: The Smart Source, Red Plum or Proctor & Gamble that you find in your local newspaper each Sunday. These inserts alone will pay for your newspaper subscription. The insert typically appear each Sunday but there are certain weekends where there are no inserts. (Typically the week after Christmas, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend)

Peelie: They appear on lots of different products from bottled water to BBQ sauce. Be careful when peeling and receive even more savings.

Rain Check (RC)- Arrive at the store only to realize that the advertised item you were looking for is gone? Ask the staff for a Rain check, this allows you to get the advertised price for the item next week when it is back in stock but more expensive! Be sure to check expiration date and # of quantities allowed.

Tearpad: A pad of refund form or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display. I have seen this mostly in the Frozen food section. Don’t feel obligated to use each one that day – save them for when the item is priced as low as possible.

WYB: This is typical for a sort of in store at that moment rebate. For example when you buy $20 of a certain product you get $5 back.

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