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Look for more than love on Valentine’s Day

Nothing says love like discounts at Valentine’s Day.
Nothing says love like discounts at Valentine’s Day.

February isn’t just the month for love, it’s also ...

National Canned Food Month. Expect sales and coupons on everything from canned fruits to vegetables and beans. Buy in bulk and stock up. Store in a cool dry area. Make note of expiration dates and store cans with sooner expiration dates near the front. This is also a great time to donate canned items to your local food bank.

The Super Bowl. Look for discounts on chips, dip, soda and deli tray items.

Valentine’s Day. Get discounts on perfume/cologne, gift sets and candles. Pick up the biggest discounts the week after and stock up for Mother’s Day or any other special upcoming event.

Presidents Day weekend. Find deals on home furnishings, furniture and apparel. Winter clothing is at its lowest price as retailers prepare for spring.

Tax season. Seize coupon codes for tax online software on websites from the AARP, your financial services provider and

Bonus. At the grocery store build meals around produce at its peak. Look for great prices on Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, oranges, pears and tangerines.