Deal Diva

You can sell WHAT on eBay?!


If you were asked to think of 6 things you could sell today on consumer-to-consumer sales site eBay, you might think of clothing your kids have outgrown or books they never read. But old toilet paper rolls and empty egg cartons probably don’t come to mind. They should! Here are 6 items I bet you have in your house right now that you can sell on e-Bay to make extra money.

1 - Empty boxes for items like American Girls Dolls and i-phones.

2 - Box Tops and Coke rewards makes it very convenient for shoppers.– packaging these items in groups of 50 or 100

3 - With the popularity of craft websites like Pinterest, truly another man’s trash can certainly be another man’s treasure. Here are several items often used for crafts you can sell on eBay

4 - Empty toilet paper rolls: Recently a search on e-Bay, 30 empty toilet paper rolls were on sale for $7.00.

5 - Empty egg cartons, clean of course – recently a set of 26 foam 12 ct egg cartons was listed for $6.80

6 - Used but clean wine corks- set of 100 was listed for $7.99

Research eBay to price and market your items appropriately. Be sure to add shipping costs.

Tara McAlister is known throughout Charlotte as “The Deal Diva”, and stands ready to give readers loads of easy tips to save money. Tara can be reached at and if you’re looking for more great deals & savings tips, follow her on Twitter @DealDivaCLT.