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Earning free coffee will take longer at Starbucks


Coffee-drinking moms alert! Starting April 17th, Starbucks will change their Starbucks Reward program. Currently Starbucks Reward members receive a star for every purchase. Once a member reaches 12 stars then the member receives a free item.

With the changes, instead of members being rewarded for the number of times they visit, they will receive stars based on the amount that they spend. For every dollar spent, members will receive 2 stars and once 125 stars have been earned, they will receive a free item off the Starbucks menu.

Here’s an example of how the change will play out for a customer who orders a Grande (medium) plain coffee:

Currently: The cost is $2.27 with tax. By purchasing 12 coffees and spending $27.24, the member would receive a free item.

Future program: At $2.27 with tax, the customer must purchase 32 cups of coffee before reaching their free reward.

Starbucks has promised that Gold members will start to receive notices of “Double – Star Days” in hopes of collecting stars faster.

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