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Good buys abound in March

Plant a Zinnia today.
Plant a Zinnia today. KRT

The bargain March brings ...

▪ National Frozen Food Month. What started in 1984 as a way to juice lagging frozen food sales is now a coupon bonanza. Look for coupons in your newspaper and local grocery store; keep an eye out for the large penguin-shaped display at Harris Teeter that carries rip pads of coupons.

▪ National Plant a Flower Day, March 12. Try Zinnias, brightly colored flowers that bloom in the summer until late fall. Typically a packet of 50 seeds is less than $3. Cuttings can last in water for more than a week.

▪ St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. Look for sales on corn beef, cabbage and Irish-inspired beer brands.

▪ Easter, March 27. Find deals on hams and candy. Eggs also tend to cost less.

Keep your eggs fresh

▪ “Pack Date” is a USDA three-digit number that coincides with the day of the year. (#072 means the 72nd day of the year, or 3/12/2016.) This date indicates the day the eggs were washed and put in the carton.

▪ USDA also mandates that the “use by” or “best before” dates can be no more than 45 dates after packing.

▪ Prolong the life of your eggs by storing them in the carton anywhere in your refrigerator but the door, which is the warmest spot in your refrigerator.