Deal Diva

How shopping at dollar retailers makes sense

Stores that sell items for a dollar or less can be great deal savers. Here are my favorite ways to use dollar stores such as Dollar Tree:

Holiday shopping: Make your party planning budget go farther by buying decorations, centerpieces, all types of novelty items and even helium-filled Mylar balloons at dollar retailers. They carry crystal-like plastic serving bowls and offer lots of color choices for napkins and paper plates.

Gift wrap: Save on greeting cards, wrapping paper, bows and gift bags.

Health and beauty: Hair accessories, including ponytail holders, bobby pins and barrettes, are typically several dollars at drug stores. Here they’re just $1, so stock up. Other dollar deals: hand soap, hand sanitizer, baby oil, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, Q-Tips and petroleum jelly. If you wear lip gloss, Dollar Tree carries the fab Elf lip glosses.

School supplies: Cheap deals on binders, trifold boards and poster board. For teachers, Dollar Tree carries bulletin board supplies.

Crafing: Those who love to craft already know about the rock-bottom prices on craft supplies that can be found at dollar stores: glass vases, beads, stickers and even glue gun sticks.

Kitchen: Check out the great storage containers, SOS pads and shelf liner.