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You can do what with Chapstick?!

The Deal Diva shares other super uses for Chapstick.
The Deal Diva shares other super uses for Chapstick. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Bet you never look at a tube of Chapstick the same way again. With great moisturizing powers in a small convenient tube, here are a few ways you can use this to tool for lip smacking savings.

Not just for your lips. Use Chapstick on other spots that might need a little TLC like your cuticles, your elbows or even knees.

The Eyes Have It! During your make up routine, tame unruly eye brows or combine with eye shadow to make a cream eye shadow.

Stop bleeding and apply Chapstick to soothe post shavings nicks.

Having a cold stinks but so does the irritating dry patch that results under your nose after lots of nose blows use Chapstick.

Stubborn stuck zippers are a lot more tolerable by using a small dab of Chapstick.

For some of us covering our gray hair is essential, avoid allowing the hair dye to cover your skin by applying some Chapstick before your hair transformation.

Shine – use a soft cloth and some Chapstick to shine your shoes.

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