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How to make the most out of coupon events

A Super Double Coupon Event starts on Wednesday at Harris Teeter. Shoppers can use coupons with a value of $2.00 or less and the amount off will be doubled at the register. Each day shoppers can use 20 coupons to save more at HT. You can use 15 coupons at one HT location and the 5 more at another HT location on the same day.

Best Practices:

Visit and and to get more coupons.

Buy an extra copy of The Charlotte Observer.

Ask friends and neighbors and trade unused coupons, create Coupon Karma!

Plan your trips and know what you want to get before you enter the store.

Plan to visit more than once since stock can be depleted.

Visit the websites and Facebook pages of your favorite manufacturers like, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Purina, Pillsbury, Dannon or Crest to find extra coupons.

Create and maintain good Coupon Karma –

Please do not be a “shelf clearer”.

Have your coupons in a nice neat stack to give to the cashier.

Don’t try to check the system buy not following the rules. It just isn’t nice…

Be considerate of other shoppers and to store personnel will go a big way PLUS if you have a coupon for an item that you do not plan to use feel free to offer to other in the store or tuck next to the item!

Make sure to check out SavingsStar to load virtual coupons you can “stack” on sale items and manufactures coupon.