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Get FREE Money by Using Coupons & Discount Codes

Would you be interested in getting FREE money for minimal effort on your part?  If you haven't discovered the goldmine of using coupons, now's the time to give it a try!

You are probably familiar with the coupons in the local Sunday newspaper and fliers you receive in the mail. Those are great!   But did you know there are now a wealth of resources available for locating discounts and coupons online and through various other methods?

One of my absolute favorites is an add-on to the Firefox web browser that automatically informs you of any coupons or discount codes available for websites you visit online.  Simply download and add this Firefox Coupon Add-On  to your Firefox browser and start saving money!   You can find all the discount codes and coupons for both online and retail stores on the site too.

Some people are surprised to find out there are a wide variety of great coupons (and other marvelous stuff) on 

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Technically, you aren't buying the coupons, but are paying the seller for their time to clip & mail the coupons. 

I check the current week's grocery fliers online on Wednesdays, the first day of the new sale, then immediately go to eBay to see if there are any coupon deals for the sale items there.  I have found the best deals on food is when there is a Buy One Get One Free item at Harris Teeter, because they always double the value of coupons up to 99¢! It is a really phenomenal deal when they triple the value of the coupons! I order the coupons on eBay on Wednesday, so they have plenty of time to mail the coupons to me and I can use them during that week's sale!

Check out, an online community for bargain hunters that features coupons, savings alerts & rebate information.,, and have codes to enter at checkout for discounts on purchases or free shipping.

We really love the Charlotte Citipass Book!  There are coupons for 2 for 1 meals at restaurants and loads of other discounts!

Need contact lenses?  Check this great site for low comparison prices- no coupons needed!  Want to get them locally? Print out the list and take it to a Wal-Mart Vision Center where they will match the price!

Find even more coupon websites by going to  and type in a specific item you are interested in and the word "coupons".

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