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Check Out This Often Forgotten Grocery Store!

By-- Mary Stephenson

When you are planning your weekly grocery shopping trip, you may naturally think of the major grocery chain stores in town. 

Many of us do our shopping at Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo's, Lowe's or  the Wal-Mart supercenter each week. 

There is another grocery store you should really take a look at if you love bargain prices like I do! 

That store is Aldi's.

If you haven't visited an Aldi store lately, you should check it out!

There are amazing low prices on packaged food products, canned goods, frozen food items, and especially in the produce department! 

Aldi seems to stock very few name brand items, so I use the Aldi store primarily for ingredients I would need for the basis for meals, such as frozen food items, canned goods, vegetables, and fresh produce.

Aldi carries a wide variety of store brands, but if your family is like mine, we try to be frugal in most areas, but we won't sacrifice our favorites when it comes to certain name brand items of groceries. 

For those items, I shop the sales at the major grocery store chains for name brand items, such as Heinz ketchup, Jiffy peanut butter, etc.

I found everything I needed at Aldi for many casserole type dishes, soups, and chili.  There are terrific prices on canned items such as tomatoes, beans, and a wide variety of vegetables, as well as tomato sauce and tomato paste! 

I don't think you'll beat their prices on these items anywhere!

As an example of what you will find in the produce section, look at the phenomenal deals they have on cantaloupe, bananas, and limes and lemons!

These marvelous large cantaloupes were only $.89 apiece!

Strawberries were priced for $.99 a box!

Blueberries were only $1.29.  Stock up and put them in your freezer!

An entire bag of lemons was priced at only 2 pounds for $1.99!  You could get a large bag of a pound of limes, for $.99!

This is the lowest price I've seen in a long time for lemons and limes! 

You can get everything you need to make a delicious Mexican meal at Aldi's!  There were beautiful green peppers, priced at 3 large green peppers for $1.99 total, a bag of onions was only $1.79, and you could use some of the limes that you bought for an entire pound for $.99!  Perfect for making inexpensive tacos or fajitas!

Take a look at this bag of wild salmon, priced for a pound at $3.99!  That is 4 pieces of individually frozen salmon, which computes to $1 apiece!  We recently grilled this salmon on our outdoor grill, and it was excellent!

Another bargain we found in the produce section was on bananas!  Bananas at Aldi's are priced at only $.39 a pound!  Most of the major grocery chains currently charge about $.69 a pound. 

That is over 40% less at Aldi's!

Aldi's keeps their prices low by only accepting cash or debit cards. Bring your own reusable shopping bags or pick up a box to carry out your groceries.  These are one of the ways that Aldi's reduces their costs, so they can pass the savings on to you!

When you are doing your grocery shopping this week, take just a moment to contemplate how fortunate you are to have the money to buy groceries! 

Please consider adding some of these great bargains to your shopping cart to donate to Loaves and Fishes or another food bank!

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