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Cheap Lunchbox Ideas!

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School is here and so is the headache of packing school lunches – here are a few ideas to add a little healthy variety to the lunchtime routine for your returning student.  

Keep it Cool Use  a frozen water bottle (only fill 3/4 before freezing), which doubles up to keep lunches cool and then an extra drink by lunchtime! Consider adding one of those drink “Singles to go” for a little variety. Some of the drink add in have fiber and extra protein.  

It is a Wrap Instead of sandwiches, try using a variety of wraps, such as  flat breads like Lavash bread, or tortillas or pita pockets, and fill with low moisture salads.

Who needs bread?Use meat and cheese to make roll ups and a little spread to make them stick. Create specialty spread with mayo combined mustard or BBQ sauce. Or use diced vegetables with cream cheese. 

Muffins – they aren’t just for breakfast.  Muffins with nuts, fruit and extra fiber are great for lunch too! Consider adding zucchini, carrot or apple pieces to muffins for a healthy snack for the lunch bag.  

Lunchables are cool – but can be a but pricey.

Make your own , cut cheese and meat and add crackers. Or toast an English muffin, cut with a cookie cutter and add sauce and topping for a make it your own pizza.    

Be Creative – Cut Cheese and fruit into cubes or shapes, make it fun.

Don't forget add a little note to make their lunchtime even better...