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Save Money - on the Produce aisle

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Other Ideas that might save you MONEY!!

There are almost never coupons for produce so how do you save money there??

Only buy what you need .  Go on and take a look at the produce bin inside your refrigerator and see how many items are near the brink of decomposing.  How about half eaten apples?  Got any of those in there?  You will make a big reduction on your grocery bill by buying only what you need and making sure everything you buy gets eaten.  Reduce waste!

Buy what’s on season :  Love blueberries in the winter?  So does my husband but at $4.99 a pint the cost is prohibitive.  But he knows that in July he can enjoy them to his heart content.  Fill your menu with mostly fruits and vegetables that are in season.  These are most likely to be on sale and therefore provide you the most savings.

Buy in bulk :  If you have a fruit or vegetable that your family consumes a lot, you will save a lot by buying the big bags of eat.  For example, in my home we go through 5 lbs of apples in five days easily.  It is cheaper to buy the five pound bag of apples than buy apples  by the pound.

Buy price reduced items .  Some grocery stores have a section where they have discounted fruits or vegetables that don’t look their best.  I often stop by this area to pick up browned bananas to make banana bread.  Why pay top dollar for them when I need them brown anyway?

Living in the South and especially during the spring and summer

Consider planting a garden or the lazy person’s way – become fast friends with someone who has a garden.

Shop at a Farmer’s Market at the end of the day.  Most farmer’s market vendors are willing to discount the produce they sell at the end of the day to help them move the product.