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Did You Know?? The Best things to buy in April

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Best Buys in April

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Used cars: Kiplinger reports that car dealers are stocking up for their more lucrative warm weather season, and have a lot of inventory on hand they'd be willing to let go of for less.

Car accessories & parts: Starting to see a trend here? Makers of gear that sells all too easily when it's top-down, washed-and-waxed cruising season have inventory to move before they can concentrate on their summer sales, and now's the time to hit them up.

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Laptops: It's not immediately apparent, but Gizmodo and DealNews suggest that laptops are cheap in April. That might share the same end-of-fiscal-year reasoning as TVs, but it might also just be a sweet spot between major selling periods.

Fabric: Some winter prints still look beautiful in the spring, and craft stores are starting to change focus away from heavier material. Now's the time to pick up a deal, as suggested by

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Cookware: MSN Money suggests that with graduations right around the corner, many cookware makers are pushing their wares, and multi-piece sets in particular.

Vacuum Cleaners: Diane Ritchey, editor of Home Appliance Magazine, which is a thing that exists, tells MSN Money that new vacuum models usually come out in June, so older models start to price downward and "Spring Cleaning"-related sales start up.