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Consider a Baby Planner!

by Tara McAlister

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Maybe You Need a Baby Planner!!

Expecting? Feeling overwhelmed? Confused?  Consider hiring a a Baby Planner, similar to a wedding planner they can assist in helping soon to be parents with preparing their homes for a new addition.

 Little Miracles Baby Planning here in Charlotte assists in creating a  stress-free experience for the parents-to-be, letting them enjoy their time leading up to taking baby home!  Whether families are looking to incorporate baby’s present and future needs into their green lifestyles or need help taking the guess work out of which car seat is the safest to purchase or simply requiring assistance in shopping for the most comfortable yet chic maternity wardrobe, they can help!

Here are some of tips offered by Little Miracles Baby Planning to create a safe, natural, and healthy environment for baby:

- Use natural household cleaners from concentrate -- they are easy on your wallet, safe for baby, and last much longer than conventional cleaners.

- Learn which brands of toys are eco-friendly and made without lead, PVC, BPA, and Phthalates. Shop online where you can comparison shop, saving time and money.

- Eat organic whenever possible, especially with the most pesticide-laden foods like dairy and produce. Organic foods offer superior nutritional quality and the avoidance of toxins.

- You don't have to pay more to get more. There are great deals to be found on organic and eco-friendly products for baby.

Facts: -

Not all BPA free bottles are actually BPA free. Learn the truth about the best bottles for your baby to use. 

- The skin is our largest organ. Brand name baby lotions and shampoos have been shown to contain cancer-causing agents. DEET, a chemical found in bug sprays, has also been shown to cause toxic side effects in humans. Learn what not to put on your baby's skin.

- Certified organic foods have higher nutritional values and more antioxidants. Learning to make your own baby foods with healthy, natural produce (no added ingredients) can be easy and fun!

- Four out of five car seats are installed incorrectly. Choosing the right car seat is important, but installing it correctly is most important. Visit to find a local inspection station near you.

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