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This Great Job includes Free Housing & Meals Too!

by --Mary Stephenson

Labor Day weekend is a good time to reflect on interesting jobs.

Take a look at how a local couple has found an ingenious way to have a job they both enjoy, while also greatly reducing their living expenses. 

Paul and Ellen Peters work together as co-managers of Carmel Place independent retirement living community in South Charlotte, where they have found a way to make a good living at a job they enjoy, while eliminating their largest expenses, housing and food.

Their positions at Carmel Place includes an apartment for them at no cost, along with all their meals at no charge .  

All utilities & basic Cable TV are also provided and they even get weekly housekeeping service!

Think of all the money saved on expenses that they do not have to earn!

What a Deal!

Paul and Ellen's beautiful one bedroom apartment has a comfortable living room, a totally equipped kitchen, & a full bathroom.

Living in an independent retirement community has been described as similar to living in a college dorm, except you don't have to study. 

Just like in the dorm, since all meals are provided, you don't need a large dining area.

You simply need a dining area large enough to accommodate the two of you.

The large walk-in tub in the bathroom is carefully designed with older people in mind.

This compact kitchen includes all the appliances you need to make a light snack, or to prepare a full meal. 

However, Paul and Ellen are provided with three meals a day, seven days a week in the main dining room, so they don't do much cooking.

The facility vehicles will take residents to the grocery store, pharmacy, bank and social outings, so managers conceivably could get by without their own automobile, if they really wanted to eliminate that expense as well.

Certainly this type of work would not be for everyone, as the Peters' normal schedule requires 48 hours a week of work, in addition to being on call overnight four days of the week, in case of emergencies.

Paul and Ellen's job responsibilities at Carmel Place includes taking prospective residents on tours of the beautiful complex, talking on the telephone with prospective residents and their families, and assisting the facility managers with duties such as issuing payroll. 

The Peters say their job is never dull, as they basically serve as troubleshooters for whatever issues come up in the facility when they are on duty.  Their combined human resources & business backgrounds make them perfectly suited to this type of work!

For instance, they call outside repair services when there is an issue that their own on-site maintenance people cannot handle, such as, if there would be up broken pipe or major plumbing or electrical problem.

What a creative way to make a living and save lots of money at the same time!

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