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Delightful Discounts at Stores When You are Over 55!

by --Mary Stephenson

Did you know there are some excellent discounts offered at local stores to people over 55 years of age?

For instance, every Tuesday, Goodwill offers a 25% discount to anyone over the age of 55 at all of their Goodwill retail stores. 

That discount is good on all items that have been donated to the store.

Folks are able to find great clothing of every type, including men's suits, dresses, slacks, blouses and even overcoats.  There is a beautiful selection of handbags, shoes, electrical appliances, and even furniture to choose from at the Goodwill stores. 

There is usually quite a turnout on Tuesdays at the Goodwill stores as folks over the age of 55 take advantage of that wonderful discount!

Last week, I was in a Goodwill store and saw an older couple purchase a beautiful sofa that they were able to get at the 25% reduction, because they were over 55 and it was a Tuesday! 

The sofa was in great condition and was priced at only $49.99.  With the 25% discount, that brought the price down to only $37.50!  What a deal!

That same man found a full-length wool overcoat priced at $7.99.  With the 25% discount, that brought the price of that coat down to $5.99.  Amazing!

I see grandma's and grandpa's in the Goodwill stores on Tuesday with their children and grandchildren buying them back to school clothes and other items.  I guess, technically, if grandma or grandpa are buying the items, it qualifies for the 25% reduction.

Today is Tuesday -- so get going!

After you have worked up an appetite shopping at Goodwill on Tuesdays, you can take advantage of another wonderful discount program at a local grocery chain coming up this Thursday!

Harris Teeter has recently started a 5% discount program for people over the age of 60 called Club 60 at Charlotte area Harris Teeter stores.

Every Thursday, Harris Teeter offers a 5% discount to people over the age of 6o on their purchases.

Customers have to identify themselves to the cashier at checkout as being over 60 to receive the discount.  There are certain restrictions, such as alcohol, tobacco, money orders, gift cards and wire transfers are not included in the 5% reduction.

Harris Teeter will still accept all your coupons up to $.99 face value and double them, then, if you are over 60, they will take space an additional 5% discount after all the coupons are calculated. 

The savings can really add up!

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