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Save Over 50% on College Textbooks by Renting or Buying Used

  by- Mary Stephenson

Would it surprise you to know that the typical college student spends $1000 a year on books & supplies? 

In this tough economy, students & their parents are taking a new look at college expenses and are trying to save money any way they can, particularly on textbooks. 

Did you know that now, you even have the option of renting a college textbook?  Sites that rent textbooks include and

Renting textbooks is a VERY easy way for college students & their parents, who are probably paying for the textbooks, to save money.

According to , students find the books they need by searching the ISBN number, author, title or keyword. The results will include a rental price option, purchase price option & detailed information about the book.

Once an order is placed, the book is shipped & students receive their books within six business days. When it is time to return the books, the student prints a pre-paid shipping label from the Web site & drops the book in the mail.   Think “Netflix for textbooks".

There are no subscription fees & claims students can save from 65 to 85 percent by renting rather than buying textbooks. Students can even use their highlighters in the textbooks. is available to students at any American college or university Students pay only for the shipping cost of the textbooks to them—but not the return cost to the company.  To date, students at over 6,000 colleges & universities (including UNC Charlotte) have used the service & have saved a total of over $41 million. is offering a special deal to MomsCharlotte readers.  If you use the promo code of  Mongo on their website, it will take another $3 off the already low prices!

It sounds like something definitely worth investigating before you make your textbook buying or renting decision.  Take a look at the Website.

Students can also save big money on textbooks by buying electronic books or used copies of textbooks.  For electronic textbooks, take a look at and offers about 7000 e-textbooks which can be accessed online or downloaded onto a computer. Generally, the cost is about half the price of a new print copy.  The book's electronic versions of the books are laid out the same as the print versions, so if certain sections are assigned by a professor, it's easy to find them in the e-book.  also offers an electronic version of textbooks with their Kindle DX or the Sony Reader. 

Be sure to check out, as well as Barnes & Noble  , and Borders Books for used textbooks. These websites have detailed descriptions of the condition of the books, although the supply is very limited and varies based on condition.

Be sure to search for books as early as possible, to be sure to get the best selection.

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