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Spend $4 and Learn How to Be a Millionaire!

by --Mary Stephenson

Spend $4 and Learn How to Be a Millionaire!

It is a Brand New Year, it's really COLD outside and there are great deals on books online!

That makes it the perfect time to start reading how to get your financial house in order! 

I know just the book to motivate you to begin working on that New Year's resolution to save money so you can grow your wealth!

One of my favorite books about getting rich  is The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy written by Thomas J. Stanley. 

The author interviews successful millionaires and asks them how they got rich.  What he discovered is surprising! 

Learn the specific steps millionaires used  to help achieve their financial goals and you can too!

There is a terrific website called that will search the Internet for the lowest prices available for a particular title and I recently found this book available on for $ 4 which includes the shipping! compares total prices, so prices quoted include shipping costs so you are really comparing the total cost. 

Simply plug in the title and or author and search the whole Internet for the best deals!

Enjoy and Happy Reading! --Mary

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