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Freebies and Save on Kids Sports Activities

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Kids are heading back to school, and in a lot of cases, this means back to (or the beginning of) fall sports. Kids' sports, while highly enjoyable for a lot of kids, can get pricey if you're not careful. There are ways you can look to cut costs here. (thanks

Compare City vs. Club : as a general rule, private clubs will be more expensive than city or YMCA-sponsored programs. In a lot of cases, the private club fees are more than 5 times higher and coaches for these squads demand the best gear available, even for those at a young age.

Rent Sports Equipment : apart from very personal gear and the stuff that leagues supply already, you should consider renting items like football shoulder pads and softball bats. Ask your kid's coach or league official if their team is eligible for discount from any particular shops.

Frugal -Minded Food : pack water bottles or Gatorade made from powder for kids instead of buying bottles. Supply fruits, like oranges, instead of overly sugary or pricey packaged food. Also, be prepared to pack your own lunches for tournaments, games and weekend-long excursions.

Be Careful with Sports Photographers : on team photo day, don't be tempted to purchase the expensive package with buttons, training cards and who know what else. Go with the basic package and take your own photos throughout the season.

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