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Take FREE Classes & Join a Club at the Library

by-Mary Stephenson

Interested in learning something new or are you looking for a way to keep your children occupied this summer for very little or no money?  You don't have to go far! 

Take a look at your local library!  You might be surprised to see what they have to offer.  The best part is, it's all FREE!

Would it surprise you to know that at the library, there are arts and crafts clubs,  book clubs and a wide variety of  programs for adults, children and teenagers? 

Included in these offerings is one of my personal favorites: "the young and the restless", which is according to the PLMC website  is "A fun time for you and your little one filled with stories, rhymes and music."

What a great way to spend a hot summer morning!

Could you use a little help learning some new technology?  Take a look at a few of the classes that are offered at the library for absolutely free

Search online for classes that interest you at PLCMC.  Learn all about e-mail, computer basics, even creating a web presence.  Simply call the library branch where the class will be held to register.

There is even a coupon clippers club!  Perfect for all of us frugal folks looking for ways to exchange coupons!  It's another great way to save! 

I think I may check out the next meeting scheduled for tonight, July 28 at the Morrison Branch Library at 6:30 PM.

Out of a job or looking for work?  There is even a class to help you find a job using the Internet in your job search.  You will be taught how to post your resume online,  expanding your job search possibilities immensely!

One of my favorites methods of using the library services is to go on and research books I'm interested in reading. 

I then flip over to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library website and looked to see if those books are available for me to reserve online. 

Then, I get to read the book for free!

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