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Great Uses for Peanut Butter Outside of the Kitchen PLUS Frugal Ideas of the Week


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Other uses for Peanut Butter…

Peanut Butter is a staple in my house Check out some of these ideas below from on creative ways to use peanut butter…

Animal Medicine - If you own a cat or a dog, you will know how hard it can be to get them to take their medication – especially when it is in pill form. Fortunately cats and dogs love peanut butter – so next time you have to give them some medication, mix it up with a spoonful and feed it to them.

Butter Replacement - Most recipes that use butter can be cooked with peanut butter instead. In cookies and cakes this can make a wonderful and subtle taste difference. Next time you are making fudge brownies, try using peanut butter instead – it will be like eating a huge Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. You can also stir peanut butter into a sauce instead of butter to give it a nutty finish.

Mousetrap Bait - Mice are not particularly fond of cheese – so it is strange that it is the first food people go for when they are baiting their mousetraps. What most people don’t know is that mice prefer peanut butter – how this has been proven I do not know, but the fact that peanut butter is so much cheaper than cheese, makes this tip a very handy and frugal one. So next time you need to bait a mouse trap, don’t bother loading it with camembert or 5 year aged cheddar, stick on some trusty peanut butter.

Price Tag Removal - Despite the major advances in science in recent years, no one seems to have managed to invent a label that can be removed easily without leaving any glue behind. Fortunately, we have peanut butter. Rub some of the tasty spread on the label glue and rub with a cloth – it works brilliantly.

De-fish the house - If you have ever fried fish, you will know that it leaves behind a rather unpleasant fishy smell in the house. To help eradicate the smell, take a tablespoon of peanut butter after you have finished frying the fish, drop it in the frying pan and fry it off for a minute or two. The smell of peanut butter is the house is much more enjoyable than stale fish and oil.

Gum Remover - While it doesn’t happen quite so often to us adults, children often end up with gum in their hair. This would normally be followed up by a lot of tugging and pulling with a comb to remove it, and the eventual chopping of the locks. But what most people don’t realize, is that peanut butter is a perfect “gum remover” – not only will it remove gum from hair, but it will remove it from carpet and any other object that is tainted with the chewy stuff. Just rub some peanut butter into the gum and you can wipe the whole mess off with a cloth. – This really works !!

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Frugal Ideas of the Week…                    

Left over dill pickle juice...once pickles gone, add sliced cucumbers to it, wait 24 hours and you now have refrigerator pickles reminiscent of clausans....or you can use the pickle juice as a meat marinade for pork chops or chicken. For the a large container with lid add the pickle juice, a 1/2 cup lemon juice or a glass of lemonade (I sub orange when I have to.) and 1 envelope of dried Lipton onion soup mix. Try to marinade in this sealed container for 12-16 hours. gives chicken a nice tangy flavor.

Salsa juice.... Use the liquid sauce on the bottom of the salsa jar that is to runny for chips to mix with white rice....Now you have Spanish rice. Sometimes I also add the salsa juice to soup, chili or scrambled eggs while their cooking for added flavor...