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It's a Great Time to Love to Eat

It's a great time to love to eat!

Lately, grocery stores and restaurants are fighting to maintain and attract new customers. 

Take a look at some of the fabulous deals I  recently found that you can take advantage of now.  This week, Harris Teeter has chicken breasts on sale for $.77 a pound!  That is an unheard of low price!

Look at what a fabulous deal that turns out to be on a package of chicken! Three chicken breasts, that would normally cost $6.21 winds up costing only $2.43 this week.

The sale is good through today, so take advantage of it while you can, and stock up!

Last night, I used the chicken to make fabulous chicken enchiladas. Most of the ingredients the recipe called for were purchased on sale at Harris Teeter.

The sour cream was $1 for an 8 oz. container of Daisy sour cream.

Load up on that item too!

The enchiladas  were delicious, and my family loved them! 

Here is the link to the recipe I used from the Campbell's Soup website: Chicken Enchiladas

Another great way to save money on perfectly good food is by buying bananas that have started to ripen slightly, so the store packages them and prices them at $.35 a pound!

Don't let their slightly rough appearance scare you.  They may not look super pretty, but they're perfectly fine!  Remove any brown spots and you're ready to go.

Make super easy banana bread by purchasing a banana bread mix and folding in one mashed ripe banana.  It will taste just like homemade banana bread! 

I primarily use these ripened bananas to make fruit smoothies. 

I remove the skins and freeze each banana in individual Ziploc plastic bags.  Then, when I need a banana, I remove one Ziploc bag from the freezer, cut up the banana and add it to my smoothie.  Yummy!

Some day, I intend to learn how to make banana cream pie and will use ripened bananas that I got for a $1.39 for the whole bag. 

Anybody have an easy banana cream pie recipe they'd be willing to share with me?

Be sure to grab milk on sale for a $1.97 a gallon this week at Harris Teeter!

One of my favorite indulgences is having a membership to Costco. 

I love their roasted chickens at $4.99 apiece, and believe they are quite a bargain! 

I also absolutely love their Starbucks roasted coffee for $10.49 a bag for a 2 pound bag.  Each morning, I grind enough to make a pot of coffee, and I'm able to get 10 pots of coffee from that bag.

That's only a dollar for a pot of Starbucks coffee!  What a deal!

Do you love Qdoba Mexican Grill like I do? 

They are running a Tuesday special right now. 

Beef tacos are only $1 apiece on Tuesdays with a limit of 6 per person! 

You could have an entire meal of 2 tacos for $2!  Enjoy!

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