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Making Old Eyeglasses New Again

-by Mary Stephenson

Have you ever had a perfectly good pair of glasses that had a pin fall out of the temple or have the hinge break?  Well, I have! And I sure didn't want to pay $400 for a new pair of glasses!

Lucky for me, I located a very experienced optician right here in Charlotte that can do all types of repairs on eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The name of the shop is Dan's Eyeglass Repair and the owner of the shop is a delightful man named Dan Stroup. 

Dan's shop is located close to Independence Road in the Elizabeth neighborhood at :

2656 Shenandoah Ave # A

Charlotte, NC 28205-6123

Phone: (704) 335-0910  

Dan has 35 years experience as a licensed optician, 17 years in that location and he has seen practically anything that can go wrong with glasses.  There's an amazing assortment of frames, temples and parts in the shop that Dan has accumulated over the years, to use as spare parts, so he can handle most any issue with your glasses. 

As I was waiting my turn, I watched the man in front of me describe a problem with his glasses that had lost the pin that holds the lens in the frame.  Within minutes, Dan replaced it and tightened it down so it would never fall out again.  The customer was delighted!

My eyeglasses have temples with spring hinges.  The left hinge had come loose, and had pulled away from the front of the frame.  Dan told me this was a very common problem he sees in hinged eyeglasses.  He said he  usually sees this within a year after the purchase, after folks have been putting the glasses on and off.

Dan was able to completely repair the temple in 10 minutes by drilling a hole through the hinge and inserting a tiny little pin, which held the temple in place.  My glasses were good as new again ! 

All for the total cost of a few minutes of my time and $15!  What a phenomenal deal!

A new pair of glasses would have probably cost me $400!  I even considered replacing the frames, but of course, they no longer make those same frames! So I would have had to buy all new frames and all new lenses! 

What an amazing savings! Instead of $400, I only paid $15!

Next time you have any issues with your eyeglasses, check out Dan's Eyeglass Repair.  Dan is a delightful fellow with loads of eyeglass repair experience.  I'm sure he can help you out. 

One important piece of information is that Dan does not open his shop until 11 AM. 

So, if you're driving from a distance, be sure you don't arrive prior to 11 AM.  Business hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 AM until 6 PM.

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