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Get a Williams Sonoma Bread Machine for $5

By-- Mary Stephenson

Do you want to save money, so you have more to spend on things that really matter to you or to invest to build wealth? 

Every day, with every financial decision you make, there are 2 main methods to achieving that goal.

It is a simple concept: Make more (revenue) and spend less (costs).


The more money you can save, the more you have to invest, which increases your wealth and your options in life.

Would you like to know what that has to do with this great bread machine? 

I will tell you!




I LOVE bargains and believe you can get pretty much everything at reduced prices if you search for them.

Long ago, I discovered the gold mine of estate sales and garage sales!  I have been amazed at what people have sold & the fantastic stuff I have been able to buy for a song.

Recently, I spotted this brand new, never used Williams-Sonoma bread machine at a garage sale.

The woman running the sale said her husband had given it to her as a Christmas gift several years ago and she had never used it! She no longer had the box or the instruction book, and that’s why she had it priced at $10!

Being the bargain hunter I am, I asked her if she would take $5 and she happily said Yes!  This terrific Williams-Sonoma item probably sells for $100 or more!

After I paid her, I asked her “If you didn’t want it, why didn’t you take it back, get the money and buy something else?”

She said, “Oh I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.”

I said “The money he spent belonged to both of you–doesn’t that seem nuts to basically throw away $100?” She said “Yeah, I guess so.”

So, thanks to her and her husband I now have a brand new bread machine that will give me gourmet bread, rolls and coffee cakes! 



At another yard sale that same day, all books were priced at 50¢ and I found this terrific Bread Machine book!

So now for the cost of one loaf of gourmet bread--I have a terrific machine that will make me countless loaves of fresh bread!

The savings really add up!




A loaf is baking right now! Yummm!

There are bargains like this everywhere!

Get up early tomorrow and hit those yard sales and estate sales!

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