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Trade in Your Used Textbooks or DVDs on and Get a Gift Card

by --Mary Stephenson has started a new program for recycling used textbooks

It's a great way to recoup some of the cost of your school books, as well as video games, DVDs for movies & TV shows. 

Start by going to, then  find your book or other item on the trade-in site by searching on title or ISBN number.



If your book in their trade-in program, after verifying the ISBN number is exactly the same, print out a FREE Amazon shipping label and ship the item to Amazon.

When Amazon receives the item, it checks it for condition and exact match, then the company issues you an gift card which it deposits into your Amazon account within 2 business days.

A college student I know told me that many students throw their books away at the end of the semester and he retrieves them and re-sells them on Amazon! 

What a great way to raise some extra cash!

Happy Holidays!--Mary

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