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It is August - Can you believe it??

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It is actually August… School will start this month and suddenly life will fit into that all but common pattern of school nights filled with homework, soccer practice and quick dinners

Y eah - It is August

The beginning of the month means  It is  time

  1. To clean out your coupon books
  2. Go to all the coupon printable websites. They are freshly loaded with coupons. Check out, and!!
  3. Go to and reload all your e-coupons. Also take time to invite grandparents, aunts and uncles and other special family friends to help you save for your children’s educational funds.

August is also the best time to buy…



Breakfast bars

Peanut butter


Lunch meat

American cheese



Snack cakes


Ice cream


Bottled water

Iced tea mix and bags

Drink boxes


Pool supplies

Outdoor toys

Outdoor furniture

Bathing suits

Summer clothes

Summer shoes

I have also noticed that tooth brushes are also pretty cheap right now – plus with the Unilever coupons – you can get some really cheap peanut butter - Skippy