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Verizon Wireless & ATT Slash Prices & Start a Price War!

by --Mary Stephenson

The fight for cell phone customers really heated up yesterday!  

Verizon Wireless and AT&T both announced that they have slashed prices on their unlimited calling plans!  

Verizon has said it will start charging $69.99 a month for an unlimited calling plan reduced from $99.99 a month.

Their unlimited family talk and text plan has been reduced from $229.99 to $149.99.  Nationwide unlimited talk and text plans were reduced to $89.99 from $119.99.

When I went to the Verizon website, I saw even lower prices quoted, but there may be fine print in there somewhere.

AT&T matched these prices, and the bet is that all the cell phone companies will have to cut prices to avoid losing customers!

Sounds like a great time to stop in your cell phone store and negotiate a reduction!

Have a Great Day --Mary

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