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Get FREE Answers from Online Experts

by --Mary Stephenson

Have you ever been stumped and don't know the answer to something and don't know who to ask?  

Now, you can go online and get FREE personalized answers to what you are looking for by checking out 2 great websites. 

Of course,  you could begin your quest for answers with a Google search and may come up with an answer, but if you want a more personalized approach, check out 2 websites I use when I am looking for FREE help.

Check out and  

On these sites, you can ask a question--any question at all--and anybody online can provide the answer.

In order to ask a question at Yahoo Answers, you have to sign up for a Yahoo Account

Click the big Ask button at the top of the Yahoo Answers page & submit the question. Select the category and Submit.

If your question has already been asked & answered,  these results will show up under your posted question. 

You can have answers sent to you in your email, or you can check back to your Yahoo Answers page. All for FREE. brings trust to information on the web, according to

Information on the site can be voted on, so trustworthy answers are featured.

People just like you vote on how useful they found the answer, and if most people agree, you'll see that answer is deemed "trusted."

This lets you know that a group of people have come agreed on an answer.

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