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We Have SO Much to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving!

by --Mary Stephenson

We have SO much to be  thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Another wonderful benefit to being thrifty and taking advantages of all the deals that are available to save money,  is we have more to share with people that are hurting this year.

Because we are practicing being frugal and we make use of all the great coupons, deals and sales at stores, we are saving lots of money & are able to be extra generous this Thanksgiving, when there are so many people in need.

You can share the wealth with people in need, those that are not as well off as you! 

You can be truly grateful for the things we do have that really matter in this country, family, friends, and freedom!

Please consider making a donation to a charity of your choice, including the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank or donate clothing, pajamas, underwear, household goods such as furniture, blankets, or pillows to Crisis Assistance of Charlotte.

The manager of the  Loaves and Fishes Food Bank location I recently visited told me they have a dire need for toiletries right now!

That includes bars of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and even sanitary napkins for women and diapers for babies. 

People can't even afford to buy these basic necessities essential to the dignity of human life! 

You have the power to change that!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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