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Deals of the week, plus a web site you should know

By Tara McAlister  

Website Highlight of the Week:  Know that you want to buy your teenager the newest i-Pod but unsure if you are getting a good deal? Here is the site for you!

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What is it?: Calling itself the “Future of the Search Engine,” this web site allows users to create FREE accounts and create customized lists of items you are in the market to buy.

How does it work?: After creating a free account, users can search for items and discover the lowest online prices. The site also allows users to see consumer reviews.

There are many ways to search the site. It has categories and sub menus on the tool bar of the web site, and there is a search box function. For example, you could enter “42 inch LCD” or you could enter the UPC (Universal Product Code) of the exact product you want.

Other Things you should know: One of the best features is the ability to create customized lists. This allows users to build a “wish list” of items and receive alerts when the item appears on the site at a lower price!  

Other web deals: Go to, use the code PUMPKIN and save 70 percent!

Best If You Gotta Have It Deals:


Food Lion - 73% Lean Ground Beef, 98¢ to $1.98 lb

Food Lion - Bottom Round Steak or Roast, $2.99 lb

Bi-Lo - Boneless Bottom Round Roast, $1.99 lb.

Harris Teeter - Boneless Top Round, $2.64 ea

Harris Teeter - London Broil, $2.64 ea

Harris Teeter - Round Roast, $2.64 ea

Food Lion - Cube Steak, $1.99 lb to $2.79 lb  


Harris Teeter - Smithfield Pork Sirloin Roast, $1.99 lb

Bi-Lo - Pork Spare Ribs, $1.29 lb.

Food Lion - Gwaltney Bacon, 16 oz, $2 ea  


Food Lion - Holly Farms Grade A Whole Fryers, 59¢ lb

Food Lion - Tyson Family Pack Chicken, $2.50 ea

Harris Teeter - Tom Turkey, 89¢ lb

Harris Teeter - Hormel Cooked Chicken Strips, $1.50 ea  


Food Lion - Mahi Mahi or Flounder Fillets, $4.99 lb

Harris Teeter - Tilapia Fillets, $5.99 lb


Bi-Lo - SH Large White Eggs, 1doz., 88¢ ea

Food Lion - Eggs, 1 doz, 29¢ ea to FREE  

Ice Cream

Food Lion - Pet Ice Cream, $2.50 ea

Harris Teeter - Breyer’s Ice Cream, $1.79 ea

  Breakfast Bi-Lo - Kellogg’s Cereals, 50¢ ea Food Lion - Banana Nut Cheerios, FREE to 99¢ ea   Drinks Food Lion - Coke 2 liters, 88¢ ea Harris Teeter - Deer Park bottles, 24 pk, $2.49 ea Food Lion - Coke Products, 12 Pack Cans, $2 ea to $2.50 ea Harris Teeter - Coke bottles, 6 pk, $2.29 ea   Paper Products Bi-Lo - Angel Soft Bath Tissue 12-24 rolls, $3.88 ea Bi-Lo - Sparkle Paper Towels 6-8 rolls, $3.88 ea Food Lion - Sparkle Paper Towels, 8 rolls, $5.00 ea   Cleaning Supplies Bi-Lo - Joy Dish Detergent, 28¢ ea Bi-Lo - Purex 2X Liquid Laundry Detergent, 50oz., $1.88 ea Harris Teeter - Glad Tall Kitchen Bags, 12-22 ct, $2.99 ea   Diapers Bi-Lo - Luvs Jumbo Diapers, $4.99 ea Bi-Lo - Huggies or Pampers Jumbo Pack, $5.99 ea Harris Teeter - Luvs Jumbo Packs, $4.99 ea  

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