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The Best of the Inserts and a Lesson Learned the Hard Way

The Best of the Inserts and a Lesson Learned the Hard Way   It was the feeling that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Where was it? Had it ended up in the hands of my 3 year old that could have hidden it? Was it lodged under the car seat after a quick halt at a red light? In my desk drawer at work – where?? My coupon book was gone. To those of you who know me and by reading these several times a week you do, you can imagine the horror of realizing my loyal companion was gone. Full of great multiple coupons including $12 of ECB from CVS  – gone. I had carried that organizer for at least 5 years and within that amount if time it had helped me save $1000s. I was proud of that organizer. Simple little plastic organizer I git at the Dollar Store had certainly been well worth the price. And it was gone! So out of this bad situation I searched for a lesson.  Yes, I should pay attention to the location of my possessions,  Yes, I should have written my name in the coupon book so I could reclaim it. Maybe  I should have used that $12 last week when I really wanted to and that by waiting I was now learning about starting over and not delaying enjoyment No, the true lesson occurred later. After the news of the missing coupon book I received at least 10 calls and several emails from friends expressing their concern. I then started getting promises of duplicate and extra coupons. So the real lesson is that maybe by starting over, I was realizing what was there along, I am surrounded daily by caring supportive people who appreciate my craziness and love of the coupon game. I am so rich! Thank you!  Things I noticed this week: Kraft - lots of deals from Kraft this week across the family of brands.  Be aware of coupon books in the store. The red light blinkie things as the cardboard standups with great coupons. Take one even if you do not intend to use it that week! Go to, and to print lots of new coupons!! Stock up if you have not already on hotdogs!!, you should be able to get Oscar Mayer, Ball Park, or Bar S cheap/free.  And hotdogs are a great freezer item. Watermelon - enjoy it while it lasts - anything under .25c per pound - go grab some! For the holiday weekend, dairy condiments - sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese - things that make dips/sauces/spreads - will all be onsale.  .99c and under is a good price for all three, so keep your eyes out for deals. Lots of great picnic supplies – plastic cups, plates etc…   Bi-Lo BOGO   Fresh Baked Apple Pie 8 inch   Chex Mix or Bugles 7.5-8.75 oz. Select Varieties   Emerald Cashew Halves & Pieces or Mixed Nuts 10-11.5 oz. Select Varieties   Jolly Time Popcorn 3 Count Assorted Varieties   Keebler Town House Crackers 7.7-16 oz. Assorted Varieties   Keebler Vienna Fingers 16 oz   Lay’s Chips 10.5-11 oz. Assorted Varieties   Pik-Nik Shoestring Potatoes 1.75 oz.   Southern Home Pork Rinds 4-5 oz. Assorted Varieties   Stacy’s Pita Chips 6 oz. Assorted Varieties   Wise Cheez Doodles 8.5-10 oz. Assorted Varieties   Post Honey Bunches of Oats 14.5 oz. Assorted Varieties   Kraft Cool Whip or Dips 6-8 oz. Assorted Varieties   Southern Home American Singles 12 oz.     Birds Eye Corn on the Cob 12 Count   Blue Bunny Champ! Cones 6 Count   Breyers Carb Smart Treats, Mrs. Fields or Oreo Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich 5-6 Count   Breyers Ice Cream 48 oz. Assorted Varieties   Diana’s Banana Babies 10.5 oz. Assorted Varieties   Klondike Ice Cream Bars 6 Count Assorted Varieties   Philly Swirl Frozen Treats 6-8 Count Assorted Varieties   Popsicle or Fudgsicle 18-24 Count     Betty Crocker Cake Mix 18-18.4 oz. Assorted Varieties   Comstock Pie Filling 20-21 oz. Cherry, Apple, No Sugar Added Cherry or No Sugar Added Apple   Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 22-30 oz. Select Varieties   Kraft Barbecue Sauce 18 oz. Select Varieties   Lawry’s Seasoned Salt 8 oz. Assorted Varieties   Mt. Olive Sweet Relish 10 oz. Squeeze or Pickle Paks 4 Pack or Sandwich Stuffers 16 oz.   Wish-Bone Salad Dressing 16 oz. Bottle     Dixie Napkins All Coleman & 200 Count   Dixie Napkins 200 Count   Dixie Ultra Plate 20 Count   Hefty Easy Grip Cups 18-150 Count Select Varieties   Hefty Plates 16-55 Count Select Varieties   Hefty Red Cups 50 Count or Foam Plates 50 Count     Ball Park Franks 14-16 oz. (Original or Beef, Excludes Angus)   Boston Butt Country Style Pork Ribs All Natural (Pre-Packaged with FREE portion of equal or lesser value included)   Butterball Variety Pack Sandwich Meat or Smoked Sausage 12-14 oz.   Carolina Pride Ham or Turkey 10 oz. Sliced or Cubed   Fast Fixin’ Chicken Nuggets, Tenders, Fries, Patties or Popcorn Chicken 23-26 oz.   Lloyd’s Chicken or Pork Barbeque 18 oz   Plumrose Premium Sliced Bacon 16 oz. Assorted Varieties Sirloin Tip Beef Roast Value Pack   Steak-umm Burgers 32 oz.   Southern Home Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts     Southern Home Colossal Shrimp 16 oz. Bag 13-15 Count Great on the Grill   Southern Home Tender & Mild Tilapia Fillets 16 oz. Bag Frozen   Other Promotions BI-LO Fantasy Tailgate Promotion South Carolina College Football Fans: Enter to win the Ultimate Football Game Prize Pack. Mark your calendars as the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers come head to head with this much anticipated football game on Saturday, November 28, 2009.Now is your chance to witness this long running rivalry in style between the USC Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers. Enter to win the BI-LO Fantasy Tailgate Promotion. This exclusive online contest will give two (2) lucky football fans the Ultimate Football Game Prize Pack. Each winner will receive: (2) Two VIP Suite Tickets to the USC vs. Clemson Football Game scheduled for November 28, 2009 in Columbia, SC (2) Two pre-game field passes (2) Two tour passes to the Williams-Brice Stadium, Columbia, SC (1) one BI-LO/USC gift basket This contest is for South Carolina residents only who are 18 years of age (as of August 21, 2009). Enter online from August 28 until November 4, 2009. Winners will be randomly chosen on or about November 6, 2009.   Get $2 OFF Milk Buy two (2) 12 count Kellogg's Poptarts (assorted varieties) with your BONUSCARD®  from September 2-8, 2009. At the register, get $2.00 off on any one (1) gallon milk instantly.* It's that simple. Save at least $0.96 when you purchase two 12 count Poptarts from September 2-8, 2009 with your BONUSCARD®. Your price is only $5.00 for two!   FREE Pepsi 12 pack  Buy four (4) Pepsi 12 packs (12 oz cans, select varieties) with your BONUSCARD®  for $12.00. Upon checkout, you can then get another Pepsi 12 pack 12 oz can for FREE. Your final price is only $12.00 for all five (5) packs. This promotion is valid from September 2-8, 2009 only   FREE Hungry Jack Pancake or Waffle Mix . From September 2-8, 2009 go to your favorite BI-LO store and purchase one (1) Hungry Jack Pancake Syrup (27.6 oz assorted varieties) with your BONUSCARD®. You can then get one (1) Hungry Jack Pancake or Waffle Mix (28-32 oz assorted varieties) FREE.*      Food Lion BOGOs   Food Lion Purified Water Or Aquarius Spring Water   Birds Eye Voila   Breyers Ice Cream   Sundown Vitamins   Food Lion Extra Jumbo Raw Shrimp   Oscar Mayer Meat or Beef Franks   Food Lion Crunchy Cat Food or Adult Cat Food or 7 Lb. Home 360 Cat Litter   Hershey's Singles   ** Check out the Baby Steps and Pet Partners sections for lots of coupons   Harris Teeter BOGO  Red, White & Blue Pies - 8 Inch- Cherry - Apple - Blueberry      La Brea Rosemary Olive Oil Round          Ball Park Beef Franks - 12-16 ounce          Pop Secret Popcorn - Selected Varieties          Lay's Potato Chips - 10.5-11 ounce          Kraft Light Done Right Ranch Dressing - 16 ounce          H.T. Traders Salsa - 16 ounce          Crystal Light Drink Mix - 7-10 ct On The Go or 8 Quart Drink Mix          A.1. Steak Sauce - 10 ounce            Sony DVDs - Selected          Tidy Cats Cat Litter - 20 lb.          Lined Wicker Storage Sets - 3 Pc & 4 Pc - Not Available In All Stores    50% OFF      Hefty Easy Grip Party Cups - Selected          Hefty Foam Plates - Selected          Dixie Plates or Bowls - Selected          American Greetings Cards - Assorted - Excludes cards 99¢ and lower          Steak-umm Burgers - 32 oz- Sweet Onion & Original          Mayfield Ice Cream - 48 ounce          Harris Teeter Ice Cream Sandwiches - 12 count          Birds Eye Cob Corn - 12 count          Sorrento String Cheese - 12 ounce          Deer Park Water - 24 pack, .5 liter- Bottles     This week's offer e- Vic offer(s) Save $2 off Reserve Angus Flat Iron Steak Offer good through September 8, 2009   5 lb bag of Moran’s Beef Patties $7.99   Lowe’s Foods BOGO   12 count cookies    Hamburger or hot dog buns      Nature’s Own hot dog or hamburger buns      Sara Lee whole grain white bread      Kellogg’s cereal apple jacks 8.7 oz, frosted flakes 14 oz, rice krispies 9 oz or froot loops 8.7 oz     Lowes Foods fabric softener    Ken’s salad dressing       Lawry’s marinade      Lowes Foods steak sauce      Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce      Cabot butter    Star’s cole slaw    Star’s potato salad      Betty Crocker helper  hamburger, chicken or tuna 4.5 - 8.4 oz Lowes Foods ice cream    Steak-umm burgers        Ball Park franks      Hormel always tender pork tenderloin  teriyaki, peppercorn or apple bourbon 1.15 lb   Lowes Foods sliced bacon      Old Oak pork barbecue      Lowes Foods cutlery      Lowes Foods foam plates      Fresh Express      Frito Lay crackers    Lay’s potato chips  10.5 - 11 oz   Ritz crackers