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It is the begining of the month

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It is the beginning of the month so be sure to…

Clean out your coupon book and get rid of your expired coupons – try sending your expired coupons to military families across the world. Military commissaries except coupons that are 6 months pass their expiration date. This is a very easy way to help others.

How to send coupons to military families

1.     Cut and trim the sides of the coupons. This is not only helpful to the receiving centers, but you do not want to pay postage on dead weight.

2.     Separate the coupons into two major categories - Food (for humans) and Non-Food (pet food would be non-food). Place them in large sealed freezer bags and label .

3.     Go to to get the mailing addresses and any additional information.

Go to and download e-coupons to your favorite loyalty card, including Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Bi-Lo, CVS, Rite Aid and Lowes Food!

October is the time to buy… Food: Canned fruits & vegetables                                     Soups          Dried fruits (raisins, apricots, cranberries)             

Broth Non-food:Large appliances            

Lawn mowers       

Grills           Tires & other car care supplies 


Trees, shrubs & bulbs