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Make Money from Home by Selling on eBay

by- Mary Stephenson

In this economic slowdown, would you like to make extra money or  build a business selling on the Internet

Take a look at the 10 simple steps to improve your chances of making money selling on eBay!

I have learned these techniques as a successful eBay Powerseller, selling on eBay since 1998,  and now have over 4,000 positive feedbacks.

Now, I am trained by eBay as an  Education Specialist & I can help you be successful on eBay too!

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The Top Ten Things You Can do to be Successful on eBay!

  1. Research the item: Be sure you know everything you can about the item you are listing, so you can accurately describe it and determine an approximate value.  Research the item by doing a Google search.

  2. Start with a low starting price. I always start with a $9.99 starting price and have a no reserve auction.  This means the item will sell to the highest bidder.  Low starting prices encourages participation and bidding.  You can protect yourself with a reserve auction for a valuable piece.

  3. End auctions on Sunday evenings.  I always start my auctions on a Sunday evening around 9 pm Eastern time. (That is 6 pm West Coast time.)  That way, the auction will end 7 days later at the same time.  That is prime time for people to be on their computers and bidding!  eBay traffic proves that’s a great time!

  4. Include Important Keywords in the Title.  Did you know that your title is critically important to your ebay listing & is the main way people will find your item?  For that reason, research all the important words that people associate with this item.  Look at other eBay listings to see keywords others have included in their auction listings for similar items.

  5. Write a catchy description and include all details.  Write as if you were writing an ad—because you are!  The description &  photos are the only way buyers can learn about the item & decide to buy.  Include all flaws or damage about the item.  People get very upset & leave negative feedback if you are not honest about the condition.

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6. Take great photos.   Great photos in good lighting is crucial! Include as many photos as you need to show all the features of the item. Take close ups of significant features of the piece.  Make it easy for prospective buyers to get excited about your item!  Then they will bid more!

7. Keep Shipping Costs Low or Free.  Set shipping prices low. Use the Paypal shipping feature that allows you to print US Post Office labels from home with free delivery confirmation included.  The mail carrier picks them up from you for FREE- so no more trips to the post office.

8. Be available during the auction to answer questions.  Check your e-mail often throughout the day and evening. People will have questions &  they expect timely responses, so answer them promptly.

9. Ship the items as soon as you are paid.  I love accepting Paypal, since they handle the entire financial portion of the transaction.  Once a payment is in your Paypal account, you can ship, since it is considered cleared. Buyers LOVE it when you ship quickly.  That helps encourage positive feedback!  

10. Be generous with positive feedback.  I leave glowing positive feedback as soon as I ship the item to a buyerThis sets a pleasant tone & the buyer is in a positive frame of mind when they receive their item.  Then, they are much more likely to leave me positive feedback!

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