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Drug Store Guru Fundamentals

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There are lots of deals at your local drug store. After playing the “Coupon Game”  for the last  several years I am amazed at some of the HUGE deals I see out there. To be successful playing the Drug Store Saving Game there are some things you need to keep in mind.

  To become a Drug Store Guru follow these fundamentals :

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Fundamental #1: Know the Rules

One of the biggest secret is that at generally manufacturing coupons found in the Sunday paper can be “stacked” with the store coupons. For example, if you have a $1 off Pantene manufacturer coupon and a $1 off Pantene CVS coupon, you can use both coupons at CVS to get $2 off a bottle of shampoo.

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Fundamental # 2 : Rewards Abound

Each store has a reward program. Find out how getting one of their store loyalty cards can help you! CVS has the ExtraCareBucks (ECBs) program. The ECBs print at the end of your transaction and then can be used as cash at another time. Rite aid is a bit different. They have the Single Check Rebate program. Each month they list the products that are eligible for rebate. Simply shop at the store and then register your receipt and then at the end of the month you receive a check by mail.

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Fundamental #3 :  Rules + Rewards = EXTRA Savings!!

Use the coupons and store coupons and the rewards program to really make a dent. The Drug Store Gurus out there have a term they call “rolling over”. This concept takes a real eye for deals and coupons but seems possible. The gurus can actually use coupons together and then get rewards at the end that make their next visit actually free by using their reward dollars. Then when they use their reward dollars the next time along with coupons and store specials the get moiré rewards. This is a level of couponing that is still something I have yet to master.  .

Fundamental #4 : To be a Guru – you have to work at it!

Go to websites that specialize in winning the drug store deals such as Money Saving Mom. They list all the great ways to stack coupons and even spell out scenarios where you can get free products or even make a buck or two