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Super Deals starting Wednesday at Harris Teeter

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Super Doubles at Harris Teeter

Using several websites and my list of coupons that I keep, I have a few deals listed before. Before you run out consider these tips to give yourself and the kind people at Harris Teeter the best Coupon Event ever.

  1. Know the Policies: As much as HT prides themselves on customer service they are not there to give their food away. They have policies in place that allow shoppers to take advantage of great deals but also keep their doors open.

·        You may redeem 20 coupons per day. Sure you could cheat the system and use someone else’s card but there are plenty of deals out there so if you have more than 20 coupons just save them for the next day.

·        Harris Teeter will start their event at 7:00 AM on Wednesday. There is no need to go at 12:01 am on Wednesday morning. At 7 am you will find what you are looking for.

·        During Harris Teeter ‘s Super Double Event , they will double coupons worth up to $1.98 face value. A $1.50 coupon will double to $3.00. A $1.00 coupon will double to $2.00.

·        I always recommend having more than 1 coupon for the items that you buy most. Harris Teeter will accept on 3 of the same coupon. But if you buy 3, use 3 coupons for that product.
  1. Plan Your Trips – the great deals will go quickly but they do a great job of restocking items so plan to go several times during the week. If there is a deal that you do not get, just be happy for the deals you did get – the deals will return.
  2. Be Prepared – Look at my list, go to the websites that I mentioned a few weeks ago to get more coupons and share your unused coupons with others to encourage Coupon Karma.
  3. More with Honey than Vinegar – I can imagine that working at Harris Teeter during one of these events which brings out all us Coupon Crazies can be tough. More coupons means it take longer to check people out. Restocking shelves would be more common plus all of the folks who dislike following the policies sharing any dissatisfaction. Be patient and kind and you will have a great coupon event plus help out the folks at HT!

24 Awesome Deals starting Wednesday at Harris Teeter

To Read the Table BelowSS= Smart Source RP= Red Plum P&G = Proctor and Gamble and the date associated with the abbreviation is the date the insert appeared in most Sunday Newspapers

Item Description w/ priceSourcePrice
Activia Yogurt $2.50  $1.00/1 10/10 SS$0.50
Buitoni Fettucini pasta sale 1.50   $1/1 10/10 SSFree
Buitoni Fettucini pasta sale$ 1.50 $1/1 10/10 SSFree
Bumble bee pouch sale price $1   $1.00/2 9/12 SSFree
Bush's Grillin Beans $1.99$1/1 10/3 SSFree
Bush's Grillin Beans $1.99 $1.00/1 10/3 SSFree
Carbona carpet cleaner $4.25 -$1.50/1 10/31 inserts$1.25
Celestial Seasonings Tea $2.50  $1.00/1 10/3 SS $0.50
Chestal $6.49 $1.50/1 1/24 RP$3.49
Coffee-mate The Original 32oz $2.85
Colgate Max Fresh or Total $ 2.50$1/1 10/31 inserts$0.50
Colgate Toothbrush $1.99  go to for $1 off / 1Free
Danimals Yogurt $2.75$2.79 $1/1 10/10 SS$0.75
Dole fruit crisp sale $2   $1/1 09/12 SSFree
Folgers 11 oz can sale $2.99  $1/1 1010 RP$0.99
Green Giant Canned Veggies $1.25 B2G3 $.50/2 10/24 SS)$0.10
Kikkoman Soy Sauce $2.00 go to for $1 off / 1Free
Mentos Gum $1.50 per pack $1.00/1 10/3 SSFree
Muellers pasta 8 oz elbows $.79$1.00/2 10/10 SSFree
Olay Bar, $3.19 $1.50/1 9/26 P&G$0.19
Oral-b stages toothbrush (sale) $2.65$1/1 10/31 pg$0.65
Playtex Living gloves $1.99   $1/1 10/3 SSFree
Reach Floss $1.65 http://coupons.allyou.comFree
Ricola Cough and Throat $3.50  $1.50/1 9/19 SS$0.19

Have more? Share below!!

There are lots of great items up there that are free or close to it that would be great to donate.